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If you love action packed and thriller games, one of the best games for you to play is fortnite. This is an amazing game and is known to the awesome gameplay that it offers to the users. The game mainly is about testing your survival skills.

In case you want to purchase any of the in-game resources the best way for that is to use the V bucks. It is the currency of the game. In case you are unable to get the free v bucks in the game, we have the right solution for you. We will discuss some of the legit ways in this article that are meant to offer you the assistance required to earn the game currency.

Easy Ways To Get Free V Bucks in the Game

The game surely is an amazing one, but it is a bit tricky to get the free v bucks in the game. The steps mentioned below will help you understand how you can earn the bucks and use it in the game to buy cool in-game resources. It surely will help you to win easily. All you have to do is follow these steps and enjoy the marvelous benefits and rewards that you will b provided with.

Free v buck from the daily Login rewards system

It is well known that fortnite surely is not like some of the other games and is known for its extraordinary capabilities. But like the other trending games, it also offers the rewards to the user if the log in daily. The rewards will be free v bucks.

All you will have to do is log in to the game on a daily basis and earn the amazing rewards. You can use the amount earned to buy a huge number of cool in-game resources that can assist you with the improvement of your gaming skills. Keep in mind that this game does not use any kind of the free v bucks generator and only use the legit method to earn the currency by the players. Each day that the user log in to the game, they will be provided with a unique reward.

Also, if you log-in regularly for a week or the set time limit, you will even be awarded the gaming benefits along with some extra character feature. This is one of the most amazing ways and the answer to how to get free v bucks.

Finish all the home base storm shield missions

In case you are willing to earn free v bucks on a daily basis, completion of the home base storm shield missions is one of the best methods that you can use. If you are able to complete one mission daily, you will be awarded fifty bucks separately for the completed missions.

You can also be awarded extra, free fortnite v bucks based on your performance in that particular mission. In case you are out of all the fresh missions and have completed all yours, you can ask your friends to allow you to complete their storm shield missions to get the reward of free v bucks.

Only you will be awarded even if you decide to complete your friend’s mission. They will not be rewarded with any kind of bucks for the missions that were responsible for completing.

Complete the daily quests system

This system is found to be a bit similar to the daily login reward system. You will provide with new missions daily and will have to complete them in exchange for the free v bucks no verification. These challenges are available for all the users; they can complete it and will be eligible to collect the gaming bonuses.

Completing these daily quests can provide the rewards for about 150 bucks on a daily basis. The game allows you to complete three quests every day and get free v bucks for sure. In case you find any of the quests to be too hard to complete you can take another quest in exchange and start completing it.

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There is no time restriction for the completion of the quests. You are allowed to complete the quest anytime in the whole day. Make sure not to use the free v bucks generator and only use the legit methods to earn the game currency.

Level up your collection book regularly

It is extremely important for you to pay attention to the completion of your collection book. There are a huge number of elements present in the game like heroes, schematics, defenders and the survivors. You need to collect all these elements.

Placing these elements in your collection book will result you with the availability of free v bucks. Collecting and leveling up your collection book will provide you with a huge number of other gaming resources and rewards as well. The collection book has up to three hundred and fifty different levels that you can reach up to. Users can climb up these levels in order to avail the free v bucks no human verification.

Participate in the in-game events

The events in the game are somewhat similar to the quests, but still, there is the difference. The vents basically refer to the general tasks which will help you earn the free v bucks if completed. There are a huge number of live events going on in the game at every particular point in time.

You can participate in any of the live events and earn the bucks instantly. The in-game events provide you the highest number of free v bucks no survey as compared to any of the other legit methods to earn the v bucks. Which means that you can easily attain the price once you have completed any of the events.  You need to keep in mind that you can only participate in this game to gain the free v bucks from the official website of the game. All the other websites will offer you no such kind of rewards.

Also, it is found that some of those websites might be a scam too. That is the reason we are warning you to stay away from any such frauds and only use the legit means to play the game as well as to get free v bucks.

Complete the major story quests present in the game

We often feel that the major story quests in the game are useless and does not hold that significance. But this is not the whole truth, and you will still be able to earn free v bucks without any kind of human verification with the help of completing these kinds of quests in the game.

It is advised for you not to ignore the story quests of the game and complete it. These surely are the easiest as well as an actionable way to get the free game currency. Also, make sure not to use any kind of free v bucks generator, as these are fake and does not provide you the genuine results in the game.

Buy the season battle pass and unlock the game resources

You can go and purchase the season pass in exchange for actual money. This will surely provide you with a chance to win some free v bucks in the game. Also, buying the season pass will also allow you to unlock different tiers of rewards and in-game resources that will prove to be extremely helpful for you.

V bucks are the main source to buy anything in the game and also it allows you to equip with items that are helpful in improving the gaming skills. There are a huge number of amazing deals and offers that you can invest in and get the v bucks in the game. This surely is the right solution for the people asking how to get free v bucks.

Do not forget the side quests

Just like the major story quests the importance of the side quests is mostly undermined. But these surely are one of the major sources to get the v bucks in your game account without any extra cost. They do not offer you higher amounts of free fortnite v bucks, but it is still better to complete the challenges and collect some free bucks. This will have a positive impact both on your gaming skills as well as will provide you with some game currency to use. If you compile both the side quests as well as the live in-game events it will help you to easily get more than usual free v bucks in your account.

Buy packs to get discounted V bucks

You might find this point not to be that useful because it allows you to buy the v bucks in exchange of money instead of providing the free v bucks no verification. But think practically this point actually is useful as we will eventually get the v bucks when we invest money to buy them.

The game always comes up with some special offers for the v bucks buyers on a regular basis. If you are the one who buys the v bucks on a regular basis, you can relate to the point we are trying to explain here. It is important that you do not use the free v bucks generator to get the game currency. These are not legit methods and using illegal methods will only lead you to trouble and nothing else.

Check regularly for new events and latest rewarding tasks in the game

The game always comes up with regular updates to offer you better gameplay. The developer is always keen to bring something interesting to you. As a part of the regular updates in the game, the developers usually provide the players with some kind of regular in-game tasks.

Completion of these tasks will help you get the free v bucks no human verification. The developers are quite aware of the choice of the users and try to add the things in the game that users like and prefer playing. You just need to keep reading the information about the updates to get the clue about any of the free v bucks win. This information will be available on the official news forums.

Purchase the complete version of the fortnite save the world game

As a regular buyer of the free v bucks no survey in the fortnite game it is wise and well advised to you to purchase the full mode of the save the world mode. This version of the game provides you an extra opportunity and some of the extra features as well.

This version in the game allows you to have some of the extra rewards along with better opportunities to earn the v bucks. If you are looking for the right answer to how to get free v bucks, this one surely is the right solution for you.

Switching to this mode of the game will provide you with some extra goodies and better gameplay as well. It will also allow you to earn better rewards on a daily basis without any problem coming your way. Surely using this gaming method is the best option you can go for while playing the fortnite game.

Final words

All the points mentioned in this article are the legit and useful ways that will help you to get free v bucks easily. You can use any of these methods and just wait for the rewards that come your way while you are playing the game. Also there have been many warnings given by fortnite officials to not to try any scammy websites which are offering free v bucks in exchange of anything online.

It is advised for you not to use any kind of the generators to get the v bucks. All these generators are fake and are not the legit method to earn the v bucks. If you continue the use of these generators, you might be barred from the game and will also not be allowed to play any of the fortnite matches in the future. If you do not want this kind of situation to happen. It is best to avoid the use of any kind of generators in the game.